The Dunedin Fringe Festival is the only Fringe Festival in the South Island of New Zealand. Initiated in 2000, the Dunedin Fringe aims to bring experimental contemporary art to a wider audience and to support the work of emerging artists. The Dunedin Fringe Fetsival is an annual event which happens every March timed to coincide with the Wellington, Auckland and Adelaide Fringe Festivals.

The Dunedin Fringe Festival attracts artists from throughout New Zealand and overseas with a mix of established and emerging artists. Dunedin embraced the 2013 Dunedin Fringe Festival with over 15,000 people attending artist and Festival produced events. The Festival programme primarily features independently produced events by artists plus a handful of high profile special events run by the Festival. 

Independent artist events form the backbone of Dunedin Fringe Festival and are facilitated through an open-access registration process. This takes place in September and October each year with New Zealand artists able to apply to the Festival for funding grants to develop new work or to tour a work to Dunedin. In 2013, 45% of our events were from outside Dunedin. This represents a massive injection of creativity into Dunedin and a grand opportunity for audiences.

The Fringe Trust

Dunedin Fringe Festival is produced by a non-profit charitable organization called the Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust. Established in April 2004, the Fringe Trust works closely with staff to produce the Festival and a number of other activities in Dunedin.

Current Trustees

Warren Taylor (Chairman)
Scott Muir (Deputy Chair)
Stephen Hall-Jones (Secretary)
Donna Agnew (Treasurer)
Cecelia Leonard
Martyn Roberts
Aaron Hawkins


Director: Paul Smith

Production Manager: Brian Paavo

Administrator: Stephanie Dyer

Publicist: Brooke Lowry

Events Assistant: Lena Plaksina

Volunteer Coordinator: Miriam Noonan

Promotions Assistant: Nick Nissen

Production Assistant: Anne Muench

The Fringe Trust employs staff to run the Festival as well as other events. If you are interested in working for the Trust please send your CV to the Festival Director via the contact page.